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Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson is a Canadian music producer from Toronto. His love for music stems from his Jamaican background where the influences of Reggae, Soul, Funk and Jazz were played heavily within his household.  His father, a Rhythm and Base Guitarist jammed with some very famous musicians in the 1970’s and 80’s and from an early age as a youngster, classical piano lessons was part of Andrew’s weekly curriculum. Andrew was exposed to all aspects of music, watching his father as a musician was a great inspiration.

Early in his childhood he attended the conservatory of music which allowed him to understand music theory, scales, and chorus composition. At 8 years old Andrew was given his first synthesizer from which he immediately began creating, composing and recording his own tracks which attracted DJ’s who took his raw recorded tracks to clubs in the GTA(Greater Toronto Area) and boosted the crave for his work.

In High School and throughout university, Andrew was also part of a singing group that appeared on several daytime Canadian TV shows which heighten his desire to write and create music. In the early 2000’s Andrew found his passion with house music, which he has been composing in that genre for over 6 years. His main influences are Osunlade, Dj Spinna, Master at Work, Quentin Harris, Peven Everett and Frankie Knuckles. Andrew continues to collaborate music with others producers and his style is described as classy smooth with a jazzy vibe.


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