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Andy Tamashi

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Andrea Garibaldi aka Tamashi DJ was born in Rome, Italy in June of 1971. Andrea’s first meeting with the dance floor occured at the age of seven, thanks to his beloved father, music connoisseur and owner of a popular nightclub during the glorious era of “Love is in the Air” and “You Should be Dancing”. At the age of fifteen, this talented Gemini started his career as DJ and a short time later began his career as disco producer. Tamashi played at some of Italy’s most famous nightclubs such as Peter Pan, Riccione, Hippodrome, Syracuse, Full Up, Florence, Zero Babele, Gabicce, Alpheus, Metaverso, Anima, New Open Gate and Brancaleone. Tamashi was also resident DJ at club Muccassassina in Rome. In London, he played at the Lodge Bar as well as an after-hours club called Need2Soul further crafting his style influenced through soulful, deep and classic music. As producer and remixer, Tamashi’s has collaborations released with labels “24Records”, “Time” and “Paprika”. Andy is currently involved in accelling his music company, “Tamashi Music Factory”, with new music including a project with 2 amazing singers Joy Malcolm from London and Wendy Lewis from Chicago. Tamashi is also currently involved in producing remixes for a number of top Italian and French record labels.

For more information please visit Tamashi. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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