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Ash Rexy

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Ash R, 10 years of experience as a live and touring musician, Producer and DJ was born in Brazil and moved to Europe to immerse in a new vision of music and art.

During his career he worked with a broad number of music genres from electro house to industrial rock joining forces with many other artists such as the Italian rockers from Dope Stars Inc., Brazilian producer Alex Calvanese and the Swedish Pop group Jumper as a producer and also shared the stage of night clubs and festivals with the likes of Nightwish, Celldweller, KMFDM and 30 Seconds to Mars as a DJ and/or Live Musician all around the world including U.S.A., Japan, Brazil and almost every country in the European Continent.

Ash R.’s love for Fashion is also a strong point of his character. During the past few years he has produced soundtracks for 3 different runway shows, 2 Italian designers whose collections were presented in some of the biggest clubs in Florence (IT) and the latter one for the Belorussian top designer Leor Gofman whose collection (along with the music) featured in this year’s MSK Minsk Fashion week starring Ash R. himself as the special guest model.

Ash R. is a resident DJ in Swedish night clubs and recently is working on making more and more international appearances in some of the best and most renowned venues around Europe including London/UK, Berlin (Germany), Florence (Italy), Helsinki (Finland), Moscow (Russia), Minsk (Belarus) and Kiev (Ukraine) as well as open air festivals such as Sandvikfest (Sweden), WGT (Germany) and always represented and supported by a professional management team from who focus on his career development and international exchanges. His DJ shows are based on Progressive and Electro House and are known for the energetic atmosphere, great interaction with the public and great care for visual effects.


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