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Aviran Levi (born April, 5 1992) commonly known by his stage name AVELO, is an Electronic Dance Music Producer and DJ who specializes in Electro House.​ An audio addict at heart, AVELO’s determination and hard work has allowed him to develop a variety of skills which makes his music so rich and powerful.  ​

AVELO put his heart and soul into a fantastic EP scheduled to release sometime during 2013 titled “Come On” which includes 4 sensational tracks which completely encompass his style. The uniqueness of AVELO’s sound is reflected in the synthesis containing elements of mostly Progressive House and Electro House.

In addition, AVELO currently collaborates with several music artists including a talented young and promising singer whom together plan to release a Progressive House single titled “Love Of 4 Seasons”. This single is distinguished by a combination of the unique sound of AVELO and the color and special blues voice of his surprise singer to create an exciting and unique sound never heard before.


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