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Naya Marie

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In today’s pop music world where synthetic vocals are the norm, the voice of Toronto-born Naya Marie, is truly an angelic blast of fresh air. How such vast, unbridled soul and melodic passion can be exuded from such a wonderfully petite, albeit beautiful frame is anyone’s guess. Ask anyone who knows Naya Marie, however, and they’ll tell you that the future Pop juggernaut has been a budding superstar since she was cutting her teeth acting and singing in musical theatre shows as a teenager and by helping to choreograph a variety of step dance shows throughout her university tenure.

And while Naya Marie may be equal parts songwriter, dancer and vocalist, she possesses a thirst for knowledge and worldly experience that only the truly daring would attempt. Naya Marie has successfully followed her adventurous side on a journey that had her travel the world throughout most of the last decade, backpacking in such nations as Sri Lanka, Thailand, Fiji, Burma, India, Philippines and Nepal and inevitably residing in Australia for the better part of a three year period.

Feisty and passionate, Naya Marie has now transferred her thrill-seeking nature to a devotion to her artistry. Not to be outdone or intimidated by any other songstress in the game, Naya Marie has become an official YouTube champion. Released last year (on the star-making website known for giving fellow Canadian Justin Bieber his big break), Naya’s Lady Gaga Medley is an absolute explosion of talent.


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